Recalls for Ford Explorers, Chevy Volts and Toyota Models

Power steering failures and vehicle fires have prompted recalls and special investigations into several vehicle makes and models. Multiple incidents involving 2011 Ford Explorers with power steering failure have surfaced. Over a dozen complaints were made and reports show that in a few instances, simply restarting the vehicle turned the power steering system back on. What is triggering the system to fail and how can owners of 2011 Ford Explorers prevent this experience? The models that feature an EPAS (Electric Power Assisted Steering) system are the ones in question. Vehicle owners should sign up for recall updates from the manufacturer so that they can schedule repairs as soon as possible if needed.


High occurrences of smoke and fire damage to Toyotas and Chevy Volts have prompted investigations into safety defects that could be leaving millions of car owners and other innocent drivers on the road at risk for accidents and injuries.


The Chevy Volt is now under the lens after multiple vehicles caught fire after being involved in car accidents. Researchers are trying to determine a link between damage and trauma sustained by the vehicle after a serious collision, which could affect the lithium-ion battery compartment and cause it to rupture other chemical lines in the engine, causing flammable mixtures.


Similarly, several Toyota models have experienced vehicle fires that are believed to be caused by the design of the power window’s master switch. The models affected are the 2007-2009 Yaris, RAV4, Camry and Camry HV, and the 2008 Toyota Highlanders.


Product defects and manufacturer negligence cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year. Consumers have rights in injury cases that involve careless manufacturing or defective products. Find defective product attorneys in NC who know about the latest recalls, how to recover the most compensation for your damages, and who can help you navigate the NC trial law system.

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