Recall For 2006 Honda CR-V

Certain Honda vehicles of the popular Civic Recreational Vehicle (CR-V) model released in 2006 were recalled in early 2012. Part of the suspension system in approximately 1,316 of Honda CR-V 2006 models is defective. The lower control arm on the right front side of the vehicle was not welded correctly, which can result in loss of control.

Lost Control of Car

If you were in a car accident with a 2006 Honda CR-V and believe you or the driver of the vehicle lost control because of this defect, contact a North Carolina injury attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. Manufacturers are responsible for negligent productions. The Honda CR-V recall advises vehicle owners to take their car to a Honda dealer as soon as possible for an inspection and any necessary replacement of the faulty part.

Honda CR-V Fires

This recent Honda CR-V recall was not the first one affecting the same model. In 2006, just after the car’s release, a recall affected over one million units, according to Motor Trend. This was due to misprinted information in the vehicle’s owner manual. A year later, over 80,000 Honda CR-Vs were affected by a recall in the electrical system that causes the power window controls to potentially melt, smoke or cause a fire.

Auto Products Liability

The latest recall involving the faulty suspension system is one that vehicle owners should be most concerned about. If you believe any of the recalls above caused damage or harm to you or a loved one, call 800.849.5931 for a free review of your injury claim. Learn your legal rights when it comes to auto defects. Auto products and service liability will affect your injury case. NC personal injury attorneys will help you form a strong injury claim, whether your accident was caused by a defective Honda part or mechanic.

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