A recent recall of romaine lettuce due to a personal injury risk has been expanded. The romaine, which was sold in North Carolina, among other states, has been recalled due to an outbreak of E. coli. The outbreak raises serious health concerns as so far there have been 12 reports of people being hospitalized.


Consumers are being informed that the packaged romaine sold at a typical grocery store is not under recall. The recall covers lettuce sold to food service outlets, delis, and wholesalers. Some stores that have salad bars could have the romaine currently under recall.


The initial recall was by Freshway in Sidney, Ohio after a report from New York of a positive test for E. coli by the Food and Drug Administration. No contamination has been reported at the Ohio Freshway plant.


A recent FDA report says that another distributer in Moore, Oklahoma has issued a recall for romaine lettuce. The source is believed to be a grower in Yuma, Arizona.


An E. coli infection could be serious enough to cause kidney failure and death. As many as 19 cases have been reported that are suspected of a connection to the recalled lettuce.


Stores that could carry the product include Giant Eagle, Ingles Markets, Kroger, and Marsh grocery stores. Recalled products should never be consumed and any item under recall can typically be returned to the place of purchase for a refund.


An initial symptom of E. coli is diarrhea and additional ones later follow. Someone who falls ill and suspects that they could have consumed contaminated food should immediately seek medical attention.

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