4 Top Reasons For Social Security Disability Delays

A group dedicated to helping disabled persons understand and acquire federal benefits completed a study that identified the top contributing factors to Social Security Disability delays. The National Organization of Social Security Claimants (NOSSC) completed the study and found that the delays are caused by a combination of:


  1. Fewer judges. Many judges retire and are not replaced in equal numbers, plus new judges typically don't take on the work volume that an experienced judge had handled.
  2. Greater number of hearing requests. 
  3. Decreased productivity among judges. Judges processed 450 fewer cases in 2015 than they did during the same time three years ago.
  4. Fewer decisions made by senior attorney adjudicators.


The NOSSC determined that the above factors are produced by lack of funding and resources. Should the federal budget be revised, perhaps it may be possible to structure appropriate resources and respond to the deficit in judges and produce a system that increases overall productivity.

Wait times for disability applications in North Carolina are 18 months on average, and many times longer. Wait times are comparable nationally. The system is stressed on a national level, just as the applicants face the physical and financial stress of coping with a disability and lost work.

To help prevent delays with a disability application, the applicant should be organized, detailed, and provide appropriate supporting evidence of their condition. Less than fifty attorneys in North Carolina are board certified in Social Security disability benefits, one of those attorneys is at our firm and helps individuals across the state manage their initial disability applications, responses to denials with reconsideration requests, preparing for meeting with an Administrative Law Judge, and more. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation.

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