Raleigh-Durham Hit-and-Run Injuries

A Durham hit-and-run injured a 10-year-old boy earlier this month. The boy's leg and hand suffered injuries and none were life-threatening. A witness was able to help Durham County police find and arrest the driver by cornering the guilty vehicle in a driveway and blocking their exit until authorities arrived. The driver was charged with a felony hit-and-run after police arrested him.

NC Hit-and-Run Law

North Carolina hit-and-run accidents leave victims in a vulnerable, frightening and stressful predicament. When a driver fails to stop and identify themselves after hitting someone or someone else's vehicle, they are committing a crime. Hit-and-run laws were established to bring justice to families of fatal accidents as well as victims who suffered injuries and property damage. There are serious consequences for anyone guilty of a hit-and-run accident. NC hit-and-run laws have the potential to suspend or revoke someone's license. In some cases, the criminal offense can also lead to imprisonment.

Car Accident Injuries

Hit-and-run injuries happen at the scene of the accident and can trigger future conditions. This summer a bike rider was hit by what witnesses believe was a Toyota Avalon. He survived and then died a month later when a blood clot traveled to his lungs.

Injuries from hit-and-run accidents vary from:

* Broken ribs and bones
* Spinal fractures
* Brain trauma
* Internal bleeding
* Post-traumatic stress

Raleigh Hit-and-Run Attorneys

If you or someone you know is the victim of a hit-and-run, one of our car accident attorneys in Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates can review their case. Hit-and-run lawyers work on car crash cases that have left victims with pain, high medical bills and lost wages. When victims think they have no options left our NC car crash attorneys show them their choices and help them decide on the best one for the highest compensation.

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