Raleigh Social Security Disability Lawyer Explains Residual Functional Capacity Assessment

The requirements for Social Security disability are dependent not only on your medical condition, but your ability to work. This may be measured through a residual functional capacity (RCA) assessment. If you have concerns regarding the results or run into difficulties obtaining benefits, seeking legal counsel may be in your best interest. A Raleigh Social Security disability lawyer may be able to help. 

Although your medical condition may be one of the listing of impairments under Social Security Administration (SSA), it is still necessary to determine if you are able to work. The residual functional capacity assessment will consider if you are able to return to the work you used to do, or if a change can be made in your work duties. 

A doctor will examine you to evaluate your physical and mental functional abilities. They will then give a rating that will be taken into consideration as a decision is being made on your claim. 

Although the medical evidence can help establish your medical condition, this assessment can help better pinpoint your limitations. This is important when it comes to showing your inability to work. 

Before you even apply, learn the Social Security disability qualifications. This can help you decide whether you should proceed with a claim.  

Contacting a Raleigh Social Security Disability Lawyer 

The team of Social Security lawyers at Brent & Adams Associates serves residents in Dunn, Fayetteville, Raleigh, and other cities throughout the state of North Carolina. When you are seeking legal counsel pertaining to Social Security, contact an experienced attorney to discuss your case. 

With the complexities surrounding Social Security, it may be in your best interest to arrange a free consultation. Contact us today – 1-800-849-5931 or 910-892-8177.

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