Raleigh Sidewalk Plans May Prevent Pedestrian-Car Crashes

Raleigh is slowly growing up the ranks of lists showcasing America’s most walkable cities, but the City of Oaks holds a higher spot on lists of dangerous cities for pedestrians. Pedestrian-car crashes happen most often near NC State’s campus on Hillsborough Street, which prompted a traffic check earlier this year featuring cops in plain street clothes as pedestrians, and drivers made multiple violations. Your can read more about this from our Raleigh personal injury lawyer blog post about pedestrian-car crashes.

Now Raleigh urban planners are revisiting a plan that could help create more walkable areas. The Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan will set out to improve intersections, create new construction guidelines for sidewalks, and create a priority-focused agenda on what areas to develop.

Cary is undertaking a pedestrian plan as well. Construction on Cary sidewalks will start right away, first building sidewalks that will connect existing sections. Also included in construction: Crosswalks for the disabled and accessible sidewalks. The sidewalk development will offer more accessibility to pedestrians on Cary streets that already cater to vehicles, bus riders and cyclists.

The new sidewalks should offer safer areas for pedestrians, however, as police found during their patrol of downtown Raleigh, many times pedestrians were using crosswalks at the wrong time or not using them at all, growing the risk of a Raleigh pedestrian-car crash. There will still be some time to manage pedestrian traffic. If the Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan is approved, constructions will begin in late 2013.

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