Police in Raleigh have seized the front tires of a vehicle driven by a woman who suffered fatal personal injuries during a chain-reaction crash on Interstate 40 West in February, according to search warrants WRAL News obtained on March 17.


On February 23, 34-year-old Amelia Hernandez-Garcia exited a vehicle that had stopped in the center lane on I-40 West and asked another motorist who had stopped for assistance. While she was standing outside the other vehicle, it was struck by a Mini-Cooper, causing her to be thrown into traffic, where she was struck by another vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.


Search warrants say that police discovered that the tread on the right front tire of Hernandez-Garcia's vehicle had separated from the side wall and the left front tire had substantial wear to the side wall. The vehicle also had temporary 30-day tags, meaning it may have been a recent purchase. Police believed Hernandez-Garcia stopped because of a mechanical problem.


Search warrants also said that police seized the airbag control module from the vehicle that knocked Hernandez-Garcia into traffic. The module will help determine at what rate of speed the vehicle that struck it was traveling.

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