Raleigh Police Officer May Be Ticketed For Crash

According to a Raleigh police captain, a veteran Raleigh police officer will likely be facing a traffic citation after a collision on Athens Drive on the night of May 30 in which a person suffered minor injuries when the officer’s cruiser collided with the person’s vehicle while responding to a request for assistance.

Capt. Chris Bertram said that Officer D.V. Naumuk was exceeding the speed limit atwhen he struck the vehicle as it was pulling out of a driveway at approximately 8:30 p.m. Bertram said that it was unnecessary for Naumuk to have been speeding, as the request was not an emergency.

Naumuk and a trainee in his cruiser were unharmed, according to Bertram. The other vehicle’s driver sustained minor injuries and received transport to Rex Hospital. Bertram said he did not know the name of the driver.

According to Bertram, the Raleigh P.D.’s reconstruction unit is investigating to determine what traffic laws may have been violated and that Naumuk would receive a citation “just like any other citizen.”

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