Raleigh Personal Injury Attorneys: Are Doctors Too Distracted?

Doctors rely on smartphones and tablets to research prescriptions and symptoms, but these technologies can contribute to medical malpractice. Patient care could be compromised when doctors are distracted by these technologies. Reports released from NPR in March 2012 show that some doctors believe that mobile technology improves patient care, allowing them to review medical records while spending more time with patients and educating them through videos and anatomy drawings.


Need NC Medical Malpractice Attorney


Some patients need NC medical malpractice attorneys because they received inadequate care and may have experienced injuries from healthcare errors as a result of a doctor’s low attention span. About half of medical techs in the US have admitted to texting during surgical procedures. Devices like iPads and smartphones that doctors now rely on for patient care are convenient, but they may be too convenient because doctors use them for personal tasks too. While they have a patient’s medical record up another app may be notifying them of a new email, pulling their focus away from their diagnosis. If you’re experiencing complications after medical treatment and believe your healthcare professional was negligent in your treatment, contact a NC medical malpractice attorney at Brent Adams & Associates for a free review of your NC injury claim.


Medical Malpractice Cases in NC


Medial malpractice cases in NC are not limited to any specific healthcare professional. North Carolina doctor negligence happens when dentists make errors or surgeons make mistakes, they perform wrong-site surgeries or carelessly stitch a patient with tools still inside them. From reviewing reports from the NC Advocates for Justice, verdicts in NC medical malpractice cases over the past decade range from smaller payouts to over $10 million.

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