This month, we covered the recent investigation into nursing home pharmacists, antipsychotic drugs, and medication mistakes. While officials are working on solutions to these issues on a large scale, it is important that you take control when it comes to the safety and well-being of your own elderly loved ones.

What can you do to prevent medication mistakes to your elder loved one?
  • Know what they are taking. It would be nice to assume that your Raleigh nursing home and nursing home pharmacist know what they are doing, but that is sadly not always the case. Keep a list of your loved one’s prescriptions and doses – and know why he or she is taking each one. 
  • Look for side-effects. Yes, your loved one’s health, appearance, and habits will change as they age, but not all of these changes may be natural. Know the common side-effects of the drugs they are taking and observe their health and behavior. Report anything you notice to a doctor. 
  • Give a thorough medical history. It is absolutely vital that your loved one’s nursing home and doctor have a complete medical history, including health issues and allergies.

What else can you do to prevent medication errors regarding your elderly loved one? Make sure that your Raleigh nursing home takes reasonable steps to keep its residents safe and healthy. If you believe that your elder loved one was harmed due to a medication mistake that could have or should have been prevented, speak with a North Carolina nursing home neglect attorney at Brent Adams & Associates today.
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