Raleigh Injury Lawyers: 5 Ways to Prevent Injuries at a Concert

raleigh injury lawyersConcerts and sport event venues must meet certain safety requirements in order to operate. Sometimes venue owners are negligent, inspection staff are not thorough, or other matters affect the safety of the environment. Concert halls have been known to have hazardous soundproofing that is not fire-rated, and NASCAR tracks have made headlines when innocent audience members get hurt by the performance. Our Raleigh injury lawyers created a list of ways you and your loved ones can help each other stay safe when attending large events:

  1. Find a buddy. Keep an eye on your buddy throughout the event to make sure they are staying out of trouble. They will do the same for you. This can help prevent theft, and avoid aggressive attendees. Pick a place to meet should you ever get separated.
  2. Wear earplugs. Technology has advanced everything in our day-to-day lives, and when it comes to sound quality at concerts today, the speaker systems are louder than ever before. Continued exposure to loud noises can cause permanent damage to your hearing. 
  3. Avoid crowded areas. Every large event is basically one big crowd, but there are always clusters within the crowd that may be more rowdy than others. There have been cases where people have been trampled to death at large events. Crowds can quickly go out of control. Spotting questionable areas and staying a safe distance away will help prevent unnecessary injuries.
  4. Know how to leave. You and your friends may be focused on the performance, but take a moment to see where the exits are and let your buddy know where you would plan to go in an emergency. Don't pick one way out, pick several in case doors are blocked or crowds get out of hand in an emergency.
  5. Avoid aggressive people or crowds. Alcohol and other drugs are typically present at concerts and other entertainment events. Everyone is affected differently by these substances, and in some cases, people may easily lose their temper. Limit your own consumption to maintain your judgment and safety.
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