Raleigh Gas Station Hit-and-Run Causes On-the-Job Death

A maintenance worker tending to an underground well at a Raleigh gas station was hit by a woman leaving a gas pump. The worker died at the scene of the accident and the driver wasn’t arrested until police tracked her down and found her later that day.


The victim’s family is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits since the worker was killed within the course and scope of his employment. In addition, the man’s heirs have a claim against the driver for the driver’s negligence in causing the death. The victim’s beneficiaries would be his spouse and children. If the victim had children of certain ages, the victim’s family could also pursue survivors benefits. An investigation will determine if the driver was aware of hitting the innocent worker, and will also uncover what safety procedures and equipment were in place and if the worker was following company protocol.


What will death benefits cover? Raleigh accident attorneys with Brent Adams & Associates help victims of workplace accidents and car crashes receive the payouts they deserve for being injured due to someone else’s negligence. Death benefits help surviving heirs and include such things as medical bills, physical pain and suffer experienced by the deceased prior to his death, lost financial support caused by the deceased’s absence, also companionship and other services provided by the man before he was killed. It also covers costs such as:


  • Burial expenses
  • Medical treatments for injuries sustained from the accident prior to the victim’s death
  • Lost wages
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