Talking on cell phones and sending text messages while behind the wheel is illegal for North Carolina teens, so it never happens, right? Wrong. A new study regarding North Carolina teen drivers and driving distractions has found that many new drivers are dialing while driving despite new laws – and that some teens are more likely to use cell phones while driving than others.

Researchers use cameras to detect texting teens

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted the distracted teen driver study, in which 50 North Carolina families had small cameras installed in their vehicles. Teen drivers were then observed – with the cameras recording the events immediately following a sudden brake or emergency maneuver. The study followed the teen driver, their older siblings, and even incidents that occurred when adults were observing their children’s driving skills.

Results: some teens more distracted than others

The study found that teenaged girls are twice as likely than teenaged boys to use mobile devices while behind the wheel and ten percent more likely to drive while distracted. At the same time, slightly older teen drivers were more likely to text than brand new teen drivers – perhaps a sign that older teens understand that there is a lack of police enforcement when it comes to cell phone driving laws in North Carolina.

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