Raleigh Car Accident Injures Young Man

A Raleigh car accident on Wade Avenue injured a 21-year-old man recently. Injuries from the car crash have left him in critical condition.

DWI Car Accidents

The driver, Matthew Lawrence Weidner, was driving alone when he lost control of his 1999 Audi around 2AM. Weidner is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol and police are awaiting toxicology results for confirmation. If the tests come back positive they will be filing charges.

Distracted Driving Problems

Weidner's vehicle ran off the road, broke a utility pole and overturned after hitting a tree. The car crash caused a six-hour multiple-road closure in Raleigh. No other vehicles or pedestrians were hit. Since the cause of Weidner's negligent driving is still unknown, speculations can point to any number of traffic violations that caused the accident: talking on a cell phone while driving, avoiding wildlife in the street, adjusting the cabin control or radio settings, lack of sleep or many other actions that cause distracted driving.

Raleigh Car Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident in Raleigh, personal injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates will review your case. North Carolina accident attorneys know the complex legal jargon and traffic laws that will affect the integrity of your case. Whether you were in an 18-wheeler accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or were a pedestrian injured by a motor vehicle, our personal injury attorneys will explain your legal rights.

Personal Injury Lawyers Raleigh

After being injured in a car crash you probably face a lengthy recovery. Missing work and losing wages over an extended period of time, compounded with medical bills and recovery treatment costs creates an enormous amount of stress. Contact one of our personal injury attorneys to find out what compensation you could be receiving and how to proceed with your personal injury case in NC.

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