Raleigh Bicyclist Hit in Car Accident at Night

There are thousands of bicyclists in the Triangle thanks to greenway systems and dozens of college campuses in the Raleigh-Durham area. Bike safety on and off the road becomes a hot topic after every NC bike accident.

A February 2012 bike accident involving two NC State students caused serious injuries for the Raleigh bicyclist and charges for the teen driver. The teen driver, Ross Everett Chapman, was driving onto a service road when he collided with Steven Kendal Otto, who was on a bicycle. The impact was so intense that it shattered Chapman’s windshield. NC State Police reported that Chapman was charged with DWI and provisional DWI after his arrest.

The accident took place overnight around 3AM. Bike riders should avoid riding at night, however sometimes a bicyclist doesn’t have a choice. What can bike riders do at night to stay safe besides wear reflective clothing?

3 Tips for Lighting Your Bike for Night Riding

1. Fixed lights and LEDs are essential for night riding. Try a combination of static and flashing neon lights. Try to find a light that has a green tone. According to Commute By Bike’s site, studies show that the human brain responds to the color green faster.
2. Add reflectors to your bike and a big strip of reflective tape along your back – whether on your shirt or jacket.
3. Install a headlamp in front and a red light in the back. This is a NC state bike riding law! This can be mounted on your helmet, or as a headlamp, which are easily found at any outdoor recreational store.

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