A railroad worker from Chambers County, Texas has filed a personal injury suit in Jefferson County, Texas alleging that he sustained personal injuries through the negligence of his employer and several other companies while working in Baytown, Texas.


On August 29, Jeffrey Huntley filed suit in the District Court of Jefferson County against Bayer Corp., Texas Brine Co., Lanxess Corp., Hexion Specialty Chemicals, and Econo-Rail Corp.


Huntley alleges that on February 29, he was performing his duties as a production technician for Brine in Baytown when he sustained personal injuries to his legs.


The suit does not provide specifics on how the injuries occurred, but the train apparently struck something, because Texas resident Harold Vaughn is faulted for negligent failure to apply the brakes of the train in a timely manner.

All of the defendants are faulted by the suit for failure to safely operate the train, adequately train employees, and restrict access to dangerous areas.


Huntley seeks damages for past and future mental anguish, loss of earnings, impairment, disfigurement, and medical expenses in addition to costs of suit.

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