A former railroad employee has filed a personal injury suit against a railroad company alleging that the personal injuries he sustained to his back were because of his work.


According to William Lakin in the suit he filed on September 11, he suffered injuries to his spine, spinal discs, nerves, and soft tissue because of his work as a brakeman, conductor, and switchman for Union Pacific Railroad Company.


According to the suit, Lakin suffered pain and mental anguish because of the requirements of his job that he ride on and operate the locomotive. He claims his injuries required him to undergo medical treatment, causing him to incur substantial medical costs. He also claims loss of wages and fringe benefits in addition to his ability to work, labor, and enjoy life.

Lakin claims negligence on the part of Union Pacific for its failure to provide him with a workplace that was safe in addition to safe conditions, engines, tools, and methods for work and also failed to enact a comprehensive ergonomics program, provide him with adequate protection from or proper warning of exposure to cumulative trauma, and provide adequate training, safety equipment, or personal protective equipment.

According to Lakin, Union Pacific was also negligent for its failure to provide him with adequate help, reasonably safe seats, or an air ride seat, failure to properly inspect, maintain, or repair the track and engines, requiring him to work with defective seats, and failure to properly follow recommendations.

Lakin is seeking damages in excess of $15,000 plus costs.
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