Quick Settlements After Car Accidents

According to 2004 statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 1,500 deaths occurred that year because of fatal car crashes. Three years later the NHTSA found that motor vehicle traffic crashes are the leading cause of death in the US for those aged 3 to 33. The people who survive car crashes may have debilitating injuries, emotional stress and mounting medical bills.

With high priced medical treatments, victims may look for a quick fix and feel tempted to accept an insurance company's settlement offer. Injured car accident victims see an easy solution with this type of settlement. However, accepting an insurance company's offer is usually a way to lose money. In return for accepting their settlement, the injured person signs away their right to ever pursue additional compensation from the insurance company. What if their condition requires a lifetime of physical therapy sessions?

An insurance company gives their lowest number with a settlement offer. Victims need to look out for their own best interests. Hiring an accident attorney increases car crash victims' chances of getting the highest payment possible. Accident lawyers in Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates know the unique and complicated laws that car accident victims may not be aware of. Our attorneys work with car accident victims across North Carolina who suffer neck pain, back injuries, broken bones, paralysis and serious head injuries. Successful car accident settlements are possible with an experienced accident lawyer.

Insurance companies know that if a car accident victim hires a lawyer, they will be spending a lot more money. The goal of insurance companies is to make money and they may be persistent in their efforts to convince auto accident victims that they should accept an unfair settlement. These victims are suffering because of someone else's negligence. Our team of Brent Adams & Associates' accident attorneys helps navigate the claim process, maximizes settlements and fights for verdicts in our clients' favor.

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