Qualitest Recalls Birth Control Pills

A packaging error prompted Qualitest Pharmaceuticals to issue a national recall of 1.4 million oral contraceptives. Unlike the Yaz birth control recall that was linked to blood clots and cardiovascular complications; the only side effect of Qualitest's packaging error is unwanted pregnancy. Manufacturers say the orientation of the labels unintentionally changed the order in which the pills should be taken. The most important pills to take are the first pills, but the way the labels were packaged, women were not starting with the correct pills. The packaging defect also affects the visibility of the expiration date.

Defective Birth Control

The recall affects Cyclacem, Cyclafem, Emoquette, Gildess FE, Orsythia, Previfem and Tri-Previfem. Women who are currently taking any of these birth control pills should begin using a non-hormonal backup method of contraception immediately. A list of specific box numbers can be found here. Any women who are taking these birth control pills are at-risk for pregnancy.

North Carolina Unwanted Pregnancies

Pharmaceutical companies rely on consumers to trust their contraceptives. When defective packaging like Qualitest's labeling error occurs, manufacturers are held accountable. Qualitest made a mistake and they are liable for it. Pharmaceutical products should be as effective as they claim to be. Innocent women may become pregnant when they don't want to be.

Birth Control Recall Attorneys

If you or someone you know has experienced an unwanted pregnancy while taking one of Qualitest's oral contraceptives, contact Brent Adams & Associates to learn the legal rights you have for this professional negligence. Our birth control recall lawyers will work with you to help you get the highest compensation possible. Qualitest recall attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates can be reached at 800.849.5931.

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