Protecting More Than Just Disability Benefits with a Special Needs Trust

Should you set up a special needs trust? A Social Security attorney in Dunn can help you understand how this may protect your child’s Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits. These are just one of the many types of benefits and government assistance that can be protected by a special needs trust. 

If the child is determined to have assets above a certain level, he or she may be disqualified from government assistance. By leaving an estate or inheritance to the trust, the assets do not count against the disabled individual provided that the trust is properly created. 

Some of the benefits a special needs trust may protect include: 

  • Social Security Disability;
  • Medicaid benefits;
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits;
  • subsidized housing; and
  • vocational rehabilitation. 

By protecting these benefits, your child may benefit from government assistance as well as the special needs trust. Because the trust controls your child’s assets, it is important to have a trusted person serving as the trustee. The trustee is responsible for distributing the assets of the trust as your child needs them and as allowed by law. 

Once you have established your child’s Social Security disability benefits with the help of your Social Security attorney in Dunn, you may wish to discuss setting up a special needs trust to protect disability benefits. Every step you can take to protect your disabled child is another step toward making sure they are able to continue a comfortable life once you are no longer providing direct care.  

Your Answers to the World of Disability Benefits May Be Found With a Social Security Attorney in Dunn 

When a loved one is disabled, you want to help ensure his or her future will be secure even if you are no longer able to provide care. Parents of disabled children often seek the help of a lawyer to answer their concerns about their child’s future when he or she receives benefits. 

At Brent Adams & Associates, our team of disability and personal injury attorneys has the knowledge and experience to help clients with many types of legal cases where injury or disability is an issue. From car accidents to veterans’ disability appeals, we help our clients seek the benefits and compensation they are entitled to when they become injured or disabled. 

With offices in Dunn, Raleigh and Fayetteville we are honored to serve the residents of North Carolina with their disability and injury legal needs. To schedule a FREE consultation, contact a Social Security attorney in Dunn at 910-892-8177 or toll-free at 800-849-5931.

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