Property Tax Exemption is Offered to Veterans

Through out the entire nation, legislators have attempted to lessen the financial strain for qualified veterans. Tax liability, for most states, has now been eliminated or decreased for disabled veterans.

            For example, California offers a Disabled Veterans’ Exemption so they can eliminate or greatly reduce their property tax exemption. To receive this type of exemption this must be a veteran’s primary source of residence. The full value of a veteran’s estate cannot exceed $150,000 and the household income does not exceed $40,000. If this is the case for a 100% disabled veteran, their entire property liability tax could be eliminated.

            Texas also offers the same exemptions for veterans with a 100% disability rating. Texas also offers other tax exceptions, for instance, a 10 to 30 percent rating can qualify a disabled veteran to receive an exemption of $5,000.

            Over half of the states in America offer this type of relief. In North Carolina, in order to qualify for relief from property liability tax, a veteran must be 100% disabled. The disabled veterans’ exemption only covers the first $45,000 of any assessed property value as an exemption.

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