Problem Returning to Work after a Medical Leave Absence

Some injured workers may have problems returning to work after medical leave absence. When returning to work, many of those injured at work still feel some pain and have some inability to do their former duties. This can cause feelings of nervousness, anxiety and embarrassment. However, identifying the problems and discussing them with your supervisor can help you feel more confident about your return to work.  

Avoiding Problems with Returning to Work After Medical Leave 

If you still have physical limitations, you may want to consider transitional work. You can start out at light duty and increase your responsibilities and duties as you feel better. This may prevent you from overworking yourself too soon, which can exacerbate your injuries. 

Communication with your supervisor is important. There may have been changes implemented after you were injured at work. New procedures may be in place. Make sure you are aware of everything to ensure a smooth transition back to work. You may want to seek assistance from co-workers, although you are not obligated to inform co-workers of your condition. 

Not feeling well? Tell Your Employer 

If you continue to experience problems with returning to work after medical leave absence, tell your employer. Certain resources may be available that can help you adapt to your new limitations, and your employer may be able to work with you to adjust your duties based on your capabilities after the injury. 

 It doesn’t matter if you work at the Chavis Community Center, Progress Energy, or One Exchange Plaza, all types of work injuries merit attention and it is your right to return to work at the pace best fitted for your healing body. 

Seek Legal Help if You Run Into Extensive Return-to-Work Problems 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were nearly three million people injured at work in 2011. Of those, 908,300 cases involved time away from work. The median time away from work was eight days. 

If you have questions about work injury benefits or your rights when going back to work after recovery, contact workers’ compensation attorney Brent Adams in Raleigh. He can help you through the return to work process. If you were injured at work and experience problems returning to work after medical leave absence, contact his office today at 1-800-849-5931.

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