Plan Ahead: Elder Financial Abuse Concerns

elder financial abuseElderly people in nursing homes are often victims of financial abuse. Transitioning from one's home into a nursing home can be stressful. Handling the financial side of the situation does not make this process any easier. Trying to find an affordable nursing home can be challenging. Predatory folks who are aware of this vulnerable situation might try to scam an elderly person out of their money. When planning for an elderly loved one's future, be sure to keep these few things in mind:


  • Ensure Social Security income is directly deposited into the recipients' checking account.
  • If an aging individual is unable to handle their own finances, make sure trusted persons are handling these matters. Ask us for an estate planning attorney recommendation who can help set up durable powers of attorney. This must be done before the aging individual becomes incapacitated or deemed incompetent. Completing powers of attorney in advance can help ensure a trusted party will oversee critical healthcare and financial decisions.
  • Put yourself on the National Do Not Call Registry to prevent telemarketers from calling and attempting to scam you. To do this you can visit or call 888-382-1222.
  • Do not take any “prizes,” “loans,” or “investments” offered to you. These are most likely scams.
  • Converse with a family member or trusted friend before making a large purchase or investment.
  • Do not sign any documents you do not understand without speaking to a family member or an attorney.
  • Make sure you do not give away any personal information, such as a Social Security Number, to any unauthorized callers.
  • Shred credit card receipts, bank statements, and financial records before placing them in the trash.
  • If you hire someone to for personal assistance services, ensure that they have received a background check before working with you.


If you have been a victim of abuse, contact your local authorities to report the incident. Feel free to contact our law offices if you would like to learn about pursuing a claim against the predatory party. You can complete a case evaluation request or phone 877-BRENT-ADAMS to schedule an appointment with our elder abuse attorneys.

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