Preparing for Tornadoes in NC

As hurricane season approaches and tornadoes rip through the Midwest, it’s a good time to review safety tips and storm preparation in North Carolina. The US experienced almost 2,000 tornadoes last year. According to FEMA, “Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms.” Hurricane Irene’s damage in 2011 is still being repaired in parts of NC, but communities still need to prepare for future hurricanes and tornadoes. Bad weather and storms can hit the same areas twice, which is especially true for coastal Carolina towns often face the brunt of hurricanes as they come up the Atlantic.

Every tornado safety plan is made up of two parts: Communication and emergency supplies.

Communication Plan:
Know where to go during the storm. The lowest point of a house is the safest spot. If there is no basement, choose a room with few or no windows or exterior doors.
Write down phone numbers (Today most people rely on cell phones for contact information, but if a phone is damaged in bad weather you will miss out on this information.)
Pick a place to meet after the storm.
Choose a check-in person.
Follow emergency officials’ advice.

Tornado Emergency Supplies:
Emergency food and water (canned goods and a non-electric can opener)
First aid kit and important medications
Battery-operated radio
Batteries of all sizes – make sure they’re not old.

If you hear there is a tornado watch in North Carolina, which means a storm is approaching and a tornado is possible. If you hear weather reports that say a tornado warning is in effect for North Carolina, that means a tornado has been spotted or is showing up on weather radar. Even if you take every step possible to stay safe during a tornado and your home suffers extreme damage, you may face an insurance dispute during the claims process. Insurance dispute attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates help policy holders pursue the compensation originally outlined in their policy. Recovering from tornado damage, injuries, and losing sentimental property is overwhelming. Our NC insurance dispute attorneys will manage your insurance claim process so that you can focus on rebuilding your life.
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