Four pit bull mixes have been quarantined after a California mail carrier sustained personal injuries in an attack by the dogs.


Several people in the neighborhood in which the attack occurred heard the mail carrier crying for help and one neighbor, who happened to be pregnant, rushed to her aid wielding a garden hoe. According to Sheriff’s, had she not acted so quickly, the carrier’s injuries may have been much more severe.


Maria Nava, the neighbor, said she grabbed the nearest item she could find in order to help the mail carrier, whom she saw was in serious trouble.


According to Sheriffs, the 36-year-old mail carrier heard the dogs barking, but they were unleashed before she had an opportunity to react.


According to investigators, the attack took place as the carrier was delivering mail near Mayfair, California. According to Chris Curtice of the Fresno County, California Sheriff’s Department, the carrier was bleeding profusely from her right forearm and had several bite wounds to her left shoulder.


According to the neighbors, the dogs were notorious in the neighborhood. One neighbor said that they had to build a higher fence after two of their dogs had been killed by the pack. Others said that the pack was often seen roaming the streets. One neighbor, Danny Miramontes, said that he hopes they will finally be rid of the dogs.


Nava said that she thinks the attack could have been fatal had she not come to the carrier’s aid.


The carrier received transport via ambulance to the hospital for the injuries she sustained.

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