The disabling condition of type II diabetes can be a very troublesome one. Without a proper diet and exercise routine, the condition could spiral out of control, resulting in amputations, blindness, and eventually death. But now another undesirable effect has been discovered: birth defects. According to a recent study, women who suffer from pre-gestational diabetes (before pregnancy) have three to four times the likelihood of giving birth to a child with birth defects than other women.

The study, the largest of its kind, described at least 40 different types of birth defects. From spine malformation to missing kidneys, these are serious defects that carry certain hardships the child will face.

This new information means that women living unhealthily while pregnant may not bring effects upon themselves, but their unborn children as well.

Steps mothers can take to help prevent these birth defects include quitting smoking, drinking, taking drugs (prescription or otherwise), and consuming caffeine.

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