A couple has filed a personal injury suit against Entergy Texas, claiming the man suffered a serious electrical shock because of an unsecured power source.

According to the suit in Texas’ Jefferson County District Court on February 19 by Maersch Gene and Lurlene Carter, Maersch Gene Carter was attempting to move debris from the road in front of his driveway on September 17 after Hurricane Ike struck the area.

Power had been restored to the neighborhood by Entergy, but the company failed to properly secure a power source, instead leaving it on the ground. The power source charged the area, resulting in severe burns to Carter.

Carter claims the incident caused him to incur medical costs, experience physical pain, mental anguish, physical impairment, and physical disfigurement.

Lurlene Carter claims a loss of Maersch Gene Carter’s society, consortium, and household services and mental anguish.

The Carters seek unspecified punitive and exemplary damages.

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