A postal worker has been sent to the hospital for the personal injuries he suffered when he was attacked by a pair of pit bulls as he was on his route in Norwich, Connecticut. Reportedly, it is not the first time the owner’s dogs have been a problem.

A witness, Tage Wright, was working nearby when he heard the postal carrier screaming and came running with his hammer. Wright said that the dogs were young and “very aggressive” and were “really going after him.” He said the dogs “tore up” the neck, thigh, and forearm of the postal worker. 

The owner of the dogs, David Holland, said that they escaped through the back fence. But he passed the blame on to his neighbors, saying they should have told him the dogs had gotten free.

During an interview with Connecticut’s News Channel 8, Holland admitted that his neighbors “call the police on me all the time” over the dogs. During said interview, he was often laughing and joking while looking out over his blood-stained yard.

Police said that they were called to Holland’s house 28 times, even before the current dogs. According to investigators, the dog’s parents were put down after viciously attacking a driver from Meals on Wheels.

Holland claims the dogs were protecting the house and said he saw the postal carrier attacking them with a chair. However, witnesses said that he was actually trying to use the chair as a barrier between him and the dogs.

Holland has been arrested and charged with the attack, but more serious charges could follow, including a potential felony due to his history.

The victim suffered 22 puncture wounds and broken bones and requires surgery.

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