Potential Insurance Issues for Dog Bite Victims

North Carolina dog bitesIndividuals attacked by a dog usually identify the dog's owner and pursue the owner for damages. In some cases, the dog owner also owns a home. Homeowner's insurance policies can help cover a victim's medical costs associated with a dog attack. However, not all homeowner's insurance policies cover properties where the owner keeps certain types of dog breeds.

For example, some dog breeds are considered "dangerous" or "vicious" animals and pose serious risk in the eyes of insurance companies. If an insurance company discovers one of these types of breeds (often Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, and many others) is kept at a property insured with one of their policies, they could immediately cancel, revoke, or raise the premiums for that property. The insurance company is legally allowed to do this. An insurance company might learn about the presence of one of these breeds only in the event an attack is reported--in which case a dog bite victim might encounter resistance with insurance coverage. In these cases, it is helpful to have an attorney review the policy details to learn what, if any, compensation is available for the victim. When insurance coverage is insufficient, the victim has the option of pursuing the dog's owner directly. Our dog bite attorneys in Raleigh can explain more about this process during a confidential case evaluation.

In other cases, a dog's owner might not own any property. A renter's insurance policy might be present to help cover a dog bite victim's injuries, but compensation varies dependent on the type and terms of the renter's insurance policy.

Individuals injured by a dog in North Carolina have rights. In addition to compensation for medical treatment associated with the dog bite, victims could pursue other damages after a dog attack. Lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and other losses could be assessed and included in a claim. Some parts of North Carolina also impose fines on the dog owner.

Not only do our injury attorneys have experience handling dog bite attack claims, we also manage insurance disputes. Our attorneys understand how regulations apply to insurance companies and help policy holders receive the coverage outlined in their policies. Dog bite victims that face conflicts when receiving benefits from an insurance policy can schedule a consultation with our attorneys to learn more about their options.

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