Poor Police Training Caused 11 Deaths

Local news reports show that police didn’t have the proper training for authorizing clearance on a fog-and-smoke-filled highway.


The lack of training provided to Florida law personnel caused a lieutenant to make a fatal error. The lieutenant approved the opening of a stretch of highway that had been closed due to poor visibility from fog and smoke. Six separate car crashes occurred as a result of the officer’s approval, killing 11 innocent people. Tractor-trailers, a motorhome, pick-up trucks and cars were all involved with the accidents, which caused vehicle fires and injuries to over a dozen other people who were hospitalized.


NC car accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates extend condolences to surviving members of the families who were killed or injured in the series of accidents.


Here are tips on how to drive on fog or smoke-filled streets:

• Do not turn on high beams. Moisture particles in the fog reflect light, reducing your visibility even more if you use high beams. Use low beams, wipers and a defroster.
• Avoid sharp braking. You may not be able to see what’s ahead of you, but gradually slow down. This will help prevent cars behind you from back-end crashes. Tap your brakes instead.
• Pull over and leave the vehicle. Park your car as far from the street as possible, put your hazard lights on, and wait in a safe place as far from the road as possible until the fog lifts.

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