Politician Developes Infection From Dog Bite

wound infectionsA state representative had to seek hospital care for an infection contracted from a dog bite. While campaigning door-to-door, Representative Stephen Dyer (D-Green) was attacked and bitten by a Rottweiler. The puncture wounds in his right forearm near his elbow became infected later in the week. 


Even if a perfectly healthy dog bites an adult or child, dog bite wounds can still get infected. With proper medical care and antibiotics, most infections can be prevented. However, in some cases severe infections may develop and spread from a single bite--possibly resulting in amputation. If the infection spreads to the bloodstream, organ damage may be possible.


Bacteria present in the dog's mouth or on surfaces in the environment where the attack took place may become trapped in the wound during the healing process. Immediate wound care following a dog attack helps reduce the risk of infection, but if complications develop, a larger injury claim against the dog's owner in North Carolina may need to be handled to satisfy the medical expenses.


Although the rates of positive rabies tests were growing in North Carolina over the past few years, bacterial infections are just another possible risk for dog bite victims. Determining the value of a dog bite case requires consideration of many factors. Here alone our Raleigh dog bite lawyers are only reviewing possible infections and diseases that may be contracted from a bite. Take time during recovery to review all possible means of compensation. Whether the attack caused you to miss work and you need compensation for lost wages, or you are suffering permanent nerve damage and need to make adjustments to your home or vehicle, injury valuation should be reviewed with a lawyer.

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