A man from Peachtree City, Georgia is facing charges after a jogger and his golden retriever were attacked by the man’s two dogs, causing personal injuries. The dogs were killed by police after the attack.


Robbie Reid is now facing two charges of animals running at large, according to police reports. The attack took place nearly one-half mile away from his home, which the dogs escaped from.


According to the report, the jogger was trying to save his dog from the pit bulls and sustained puncture wounds to his leg. The retriever received puncture wounds to its neck and side.


Police say that the dogs then attacked a police officer, who shot one. The other fled onto the highway, where it was intentionally struck by a police vehicle and killed, as firing any rounds on the highway would have been unsafe, according to police.

The officers tracked the dogs to Reid’s home, where there had been previous reports of loose animals. Reid claimed that someone had let them out. However, the officers said that the fence door could have easily been pushed open by the dogs.

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