On September 22, a police officer in Murfreesboro, Tennessee suffered personal injuries to his right knee and right shoulder after being attacked by a dog while responding to an aggressive dog call.


Officer Tommy Massey received treatment at Middle Tennessee Medical Center for the dog bite to his knee and the injury to his shoulder he sustained when he fell while backing away from the dog at approximately 10 a.m.


Massey said resident Steven Bly said the dog had attempted to bite him when he went outside his home. Massey said that as he entered the back yard, he was attacked by the dog and immediately tried to back away and drew his weapon to defend himself, but lost his balance due to the rain, causing him to fall.


Massey said that while he was on the ground, the dog bit him on the right knee. He said the dog tried to attack again, but then retreated, so he did not feel shooting the dog was necessary.


The dog, whose owner lives in the same neighborhood the attack occurred in, was quarantined by Animal Control officers.

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