According to authorities, a pro-Palestinian rally in New York on January 11 turned violent, leading to the personal injuries of seven police officers and the arrest of nine protestors.

New York police said that the extent of the personal injuries suffered by the officers ranged from minor to serious. Two of the seven officers suffered head injuries.

According to Detective Cheryl Crispin, the protestors arrested in the incident are facing charges ranging from disorderly conduct to reckless endangerment.

According to the NYPD, the officers sustained their injuries while attempting to break up a fight between two male demonstrators. As they tried to separate them, several others joined the fray and began assaulting the officers.

On January 11, the demonstrators gathered in Manhattan’s West Side for the purpose of protesting the Israeli incursion in Gaza. The rally began as a peaceful demonstration, but witnesses say skirmishes eventually broke out between police and demonstrators.

According to one of the demonstrators, United for Peace and Justice coordinator of security Steve Sherman, police deployed mace on the demonstrators. He said a riot started after police pushed them onto the avenue and then charged them.

According to another demonstrator, Mike Eilenfeldt, the confrontations between protestors and police seemed to escalate after an officer fell to the ground.

Police denied the allegations of mace being deployed.

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