Pokemon Go is Helping Nursing Home Residents

Pokémon Go has recently swept the nation. The video game requires you to walk around and catch Pokémon. It uses your phone’s GPS to track where you are going in order for you to find nearby Pokémon.

            A nursing home in Florida has recently encouraged rehabilitation patients to start playing the game. This activity has proven to help the residents stay active mentally and physically. The game has also brought patients closer to their grandchildren who enjoy playing Pokémon Go.

            A Texas nursing facility has created a class dedicated to teaching senior citizens about the game and all the app offers.

            But when playing Pokémon Go, it is important to read the warning written on the opening screen which says, “Pay attention to your surroundings.” One group of friends did not listen to this advice and accidentally walked off a cliff while playing the game. Falling could be one downside to playing this game if you are not careful. This is a particular warning nursing home residents should take note of because a small fall could result in severe injuries.

            The camera feature that is put into use when trying to catch a Pokémon may also pose problems in a nursing home. Due to inappropriate pictures being taken of residents, Many nursing homes have strict rules about camera usage.

            Pokémon Go is a fun way for nursing home residents to get active and if the game is played with caution, it should not cause any hazards.

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