At approximately 1:30 p.m. on July 21, a teenager in Allendale Township, Michigan suffered personal injuries when two pit bulls bit her on the arm. They also mauled her small dog to death in the attack.

According to Lt. Lee Hoeksema, of the Ottawa County, Michigan Sheriff's Department, the dogs had escaped from a nearby house and attacked the 18-year-old as she was walking her dog. According to a neighbor that witnessed the incident, the dogs had broken through a window with an air conditioner. 

Hoeksema said that the young woman picked up her dog in an attempt to protect it from the approaching American pit bull terriers, but they bit her and wrestled the dog away.

According to Hoeksema, neighbors chased the attacking dogs, which were later apprehended, away and the teenager received treatment at the scene.

The pit bulls have been placed in quarantine at the owner’s home for at least 10 days. A hearing will decide if they are to be considered a danger to the public.

Hoeksema said that records show no prior animal control problems with the owners.

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