Pit Bull Seized After Attacking Girl

North Carolina pit bull attackA pit bull was seized by a county Animal Control officer after it crossed a street and attacked and injured a 13-year-old girl. The dog also attempted to bite a man who came to the child’s aid.


The incident took place shortly after 5 p.m., according to a sheriff’s report. The girl and her mother had just gotten out of their vehicle in the driveway of their home when the dog ran from the yard across the street and attacked the daughter. The report said that the girl sustained two puncture wounds to her upper back. The fiancé of the girl’s mother rushed to her aid, but the dog turned on him. However, he was able to kick the dog away. The dog then returned to its home until Animal Control arrived. Its owner was not at home when the attack happened, but a deputy and the Animal Control officer were able to contact her. She surrendered the dog without incident.


The circumstances of this dog attack raise several questions:


  • How was the dog restrained? Since the dog owner was not home, had she secured the animal in a pen or by tether? The owner might have failed to provide adequate restraints.
  • Has the dog attacked before? Dogs with a history of aggression are recognized differently under North Carolina law. Learn more about North Carolina's One-Bite Rule.
  • Are their long-term consequences from the child's back injuries? Physical injuries to children and young adults come at a critical time of child development. The victim's back was punctured, which means their is a possibility of scarring. Reports have not revealed whether or not the victim's spine or spinal tissue was damaged in the attack.



Dog attacks are frightening. Our Raleigh injury attorneys work with dog bite victims with care and compassion. Navigating the aftermath of an attack can be confusing, and medical bills are often intimidating. Our attorneys help hold the negligent party accountable. We offer complimentary case evaluations where we can discuss liability and the damages you might be eligible to recover if you pursue a claim.

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