Pit Bull Bites Boy's Face

dog bite lawyer cary ncA five-year-old boy required a face full of stitches for injuries he sustained from being mauled by a neighbor’s pit bull on May 28. The boy required over 2,000 stitches on and around his face. 

Since the attack, the dog has been placed in quarantine at the local Human Society. Tyson, the dog, is not neutered, which experts say can add to the aggression of a dog

According to county officials, the dog dug his way into the boy’s yard and bit into him. Neighbors say that this type of behavior was normal for Tyson, claiming that he was known for hopping fences, wiggling through fence slats, or slipping through holes, some of which he had dug. It appears the dog's owner repeatedly failed to adequately contain the animal. As a result of the attack, dangerous animal charges have been filed against Tyson’s owner. 

No matter the breed of dog, an animal attack is a serious accident. Physical injuries could result in life-long scarring, infections, and/or require multiple surgeries. Our dog bite lawyers in Cary help individuals navigate North Carolina dog bite laws after they are attacked. Whether an individual is trying to learn local laws that pertain to canine attacks or would like to know if their dog bite still qualifies under the statute of limitations, our lawyers can help. We provide complimentary case evaluations and work on contingency, which means we do not collect a dime until we win compensation for our client.

Note: The attack described above occurred out of state. We wanted to share the story as an example of how various degrees of liability might surface in a dog attack case.

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