Dog Bites May Cause Seizure

On December 31, a pit bull bite caused an 18-year-old man to suffer a seizure in addition to physical injuries. According to local police statements, the bite was a minor one and the man, whose identity was not revealed, had a history of seizures. The surprise and panic of the dog bite incited a seizure. The bite punctured between the thumb and pointer finger.


Every animal attack is different. There is always the possibility of residual injury and illness. Most people can understand that an infection may occur and complicate healing, but not many consider the possibility that a dog bite victim may experience seizures as a result of the attack. This may cause added time away from work, other health issues, and increase medical expenses. All of which should be addressed in your North Carolina dog bite injury claim. 


Dog bites are not the only animal attacks that result in injury claims. Learn what to do if you are the victim of a cat bite attack.

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