According to police and school officials, five high school students in southeast Atlanta, Georgia required transport to a hospital on August 29 for the personal injuries they sustained after being attacked by a pit bull at their bus stop that morning.


According to Atlanta Police spokesman James Polite, none of the students’ injuries were life-threatening, but police had to kill the dog in order to stop the attack.


According to Polite, officers responded to a 911 call from the area of the bus stop and arrived to see a pit bull “being aggressive and attacking several individuals.” He said that someone attempted to hold the dog down, but it continued to act aggressively and tried to bite those attempting to hold it down. He said that the dog escaped and attempted to attack more people, but an officer fired his weapon once at the dog, killing it in order to protect the children and the officers.


The five students received transport to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding.

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