One man and three women required transport to a hospital on December 28 for the personal injuries they sustained after pit bull suddenly became aggressive and broke away from its owner during a morning walk before attacking them, according to authorities.

Early that morning, Julia Reichardt had taken her pit bull for a walk when they came upon Catalina Median, who was taking her poodle for a walk. The Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff’s Office said that the pit bull then became aggressive toward the poodle.

Police say Medina threw herself over her dog in order to protect it, but the pit bull broke away from its leash and attacked both. Reichardt tried to intervene, but then her pit bull turned on her and attacked her as well.

Three others also attempted to help and were also attacked. They received transport to Boca Community Hospital for bite wounds to their arms and legs.

Medina sustained several bite wounds to both of her arms, her shoulder, and her back, according to her brother, Rodrigo Medina.

Another relative of Medina’s said that many neighborhood residents were afraid an attack would occur. Rodrigo Medina’s wife, who declined to give her name, said, “Everyone’s scared of that dog.”

Reichardt refused treatment for her injuries. Police cited her for failure to control her dog.

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