Hot Car Deaths Could be Prevented With This App

hot car deathsEvery summer, hot car deaths of children make news headlines. Innocent infants and toddlers are left behind in vehicles during the hot summer months and forgotten--only later to be discovered either dead from heatstroke or other serious injuries. Over the past few years, several hot car deaths have occurred in North Carolina. In August of last year, a one-month-old baby died in a hot car accident in Statesville. A two-year-old in Burke County suffered a hot car death in 2012.

When children are left in a vehicle unattended the supervising adult is often responsible, and liability is guaranteed to be discussed during a wrongful death case. To help prevent the forgetfulness of adults looking after children in hot weather, a few parents developed a smartphone app. 

The app works through Bluetooth sensors in the ibabyseat product and app. Through a sensor, magnet, and wireless technology - the app is able to detect and alert selected parties if a child remains in a carseat and the parent (whoever holds the smartphone) leaves a set perimeter, sometimes a few dozen feet. The app would of course not function properly if the supervising adult/individual forgets the smartphone in the vehicle as well. If the individual does not respond to the app, emergency contacts are automatically notified.

Apps to help prevent vehicle injuries are being developed to help serve many types of accidents. Our Raleigh injury lawyers posted a breakdown of several apps that help prevent teen driving accidents, plus other apps that reward drivers for leaving their phone unattended while operating a vehicle.

Sometimes a parent, babysitter, or other supervising adult did not forget the child in the car. In some of these hot car accident cases the vehicle was left unlocked and a curious toddler or playful child lets themself in, and later does not exit the vehicle in time until heatstroke has occurred. When assessing liability in these types of cases, the responsible party is usually the adult or care provider present, whether a babysitter, relative, neighbor, day care center, or parents. 

If you are concerned about injuries a child has sustained from being left unsupervised, schedule a confidential consultation with a Raleigh injury lawyer. Our firm represents individuals of all ages who were hurt or killed due to no fault of their own. Children in particular are vulnerable to long-term injuries as they are still at critical stages of early childhood development. Assessing long-term injuries and types of compensation can be discussed during a consultation.

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