A civil suit has been filed against Marvin Harrison, star receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, by a man who allegedly sustained personal injuries in a shooting in April in Philadelphia, Harrison’s hometown.

No charges have been filed against Harrison, nor has he been named as a suspect in the April 29 incident, which took place after he and Dwight Dixon, the alleged victim, allegedly fought near an auto-repair shop owned by Harrison.

Harrison has acknowledged being the owner of the gun used, but denies any involvement with the shooting, according to police. According to law enforcement officials, shell casings were found at the scene that had been fired from a Belgian-made FN5.7 firearm owned by Harrison.

Dixon claims that he sustained “serious and permanent” personal injuries of the arm, body, and other parts and suffered a “severe shock” to his nerves and nervous system, according to the suit. He seeks compensatory damages in excess of $50,000 and punitive damages in excess of $50,000.

The suit was filed on September 2 and claims that the 36-year-old NFL star “intentionally and outrageously shot” Dixon, though another part of the document claims that someone else could have shot him using Harrison’s gun.

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