Telsa electric vehicles, according to crash data reported by, crash more and cost more to repair than similarly made vehicles. Owners of these automobiles can pay up to 30 percent more in AAA coverage than those who do not own Telsa electric cars.

A report made by Automotive News, AAA declared their plan to raise rates after examining statistics produced by the Highway Loss Data Institute. Their findings concluded that models such as "Telsa Model S are to blame for 13% more damage claims than average, with repair costs soaring 50 percent higher than average." 

AAA started examining their own records when they first noticed the Telsa statistics, according to, then they turned to other sources to confirm their information. 

The Highway Loss Data Institute placed the Tesla Model S into a class of luxury vehicles which also includes car models such as, Audi B6, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Volvo XC70.  

However, Telsa argued in an article reported by Automotive News that the information AAA found is "flawed" and "not reflective of reality." They believe that if their car was placed in the proper category, then their crash data would not be "out of line." 

Automotive News has also reported that insurance companies such as Geico and State Farm have not yet determined whether or not their premiums for Tesla cars will increase.

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