Pedestrian Promotion in Raleigh

Drivers should have extra caution at intersections in downtown Raleigh. A new program promoting pedestrian traffic in Raleigh was launched in March 2012. The public education program is called Walk Raleigh and is dedicated to showing the ease of walking to various downtown destinations. Currently launched as a trial, Walk Raleigh consists of signage at strategically placed intersections. The signs note the distance (in walking time) to popular downtown Raleigh spots. The goal of the Walk Raleigh program is to encourage people to walk more often. Each sign has a QR code, which smartphone users can scan in order to view a Google Maps version of their walk.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Ten years ago, over 4,700 pedestrians were fatally involved in car accidents in the US. About half of pedestrians prefer walking on sidewalks. A decade later, the statistics are still relatively the same, according to statistics about pedestrian accidents from Walking Info, a site run by the nation’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.

Raleigh Accidents

When it comes to developing communities, a challenge that engineers often face is how to promote more walking while maintaining pedestrian safety. This is especially true for urban spaces like downtown Raleigh. The National Safety Council estimates about 85% of pedestrian accidents occur in city areas.

NC Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Anyone injured in a NC pedestrian accident, whether a negligent driver collided with a walker, or a person tripped on a poorly maintained sidewalk, the accident victim needs to know their rights. Depending on their injuries and the nature of the pedestrian accident, victims are often able to receive compensation for lost wages, medical treatment, long-term care costs and more. Contact a pedestrian accident attorney in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates to schedule a free review of your NC injury claim. 800.849.5931
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