A woman has filed a personal injury suit against Rolling Frito-Lay Sales LP and one of its employees, alleging that she was struck by a company vehicle while walking.

According to the suit Angela Duran filed in Texas’ Galveston County District Court on May 27, the driver, Mark Bebar, failed to look both ways and struck her with his vehicle as a result.

The suit claims that Duran was walking west on August 22, 2007 on a one-way street while Bebar was exiting a parking lot nearby.

The suit says that because the street was one way, Bebar only looked to the east for traffic, and therefore did not see Duran walking on the other side. The suit says he then proceeded and struck Duran.

The suit also claims that Bebar was in violation of the state’s Transportation Code because he failed to sound his horn or use another method to warn Duran that he was about to enter the roadway in a dangerous manner.

The suit alleges Frito-Lay is negligent for hiring and supervising Bebar.

Duran seeks damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, impairment, disfigurement, lost earnings, and medical expenses. She has requested a trial by jury.

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