Pedestrian Crashes in Raleigh: Tickets on the Rise

Multiple drivers were cited in downtown Raleigh only three months after the Watch For Me NC campaign was launched. The campaign was created to increase awareness of over two thousand annual deaths that take place in North Carolina due to pedestrian accidents. Car accident attorneys in Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates have reported statistics on pedestrian crashes here.


Police were patrolling areas along Hillsborough Street and will be targeting other areas with histories of high pedestrian-car accidents. Falls of Neuse Road, New Bern Avenue, Capital Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue are all prime spots for Raleigh pedestrian crashes. During a recent downtown Raleigh pedestrian crash checkpoint, officers issued over fifty tickets. Drivers violated pedestrians’ rights of way for both officers in plainclothes and in full uniform, expressing no acknowledgment of innocent people walking.


Drivers are not the only negligent party. Some pedestrians failed to use crosswalks and were educated on jaywalking laws by officers. Crosswalks aren’t a promise of safety, but pedestrians have a higher chance of being seen by drivers there than when jaywalking. According to the Watch For Me NC campaign, pedestrians have only a 15% chance of surviving a crash if they’re hit by a vehicle traveling 40MPH or more.


Drivers are also not the only people distracted by technology. Although texting while driving continues to contribute to fatal crashes, the number of pedestrians who walk while texting is also growing.


Raleigh personal injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates encourage our friends, family and clients to turn off their cell phones while driving. Car crashes are four times more likely when a driver is using a mobile device, according to, a site maintained by the US Department of Transportation. Focus your attention on the road, the actions of other drivers, and observe pedestrians at all times.

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