The parents of Megan Watkins, a woman who recently died from the personal injuries she sustained in a crash while driving drunk, have filed a suit against the establishment which sold the alcoholic beverages to their daughter, the tow truck driver she hit head on, the driver’s employer, and their daughter’s insurance company seeking monetary compensation.

The suit was filed in the District Court of Jefferson County, Texas on June 23 by Melissa Dwyer and Jerome Watkins naming The Dixie Dance Hall, Travis Darby, Independent Specialty Towing, and Allstate Insurance Co.

Watkins’ parents also requested a temporary restraining order to prohibit evidence tampering by the defendants. The TRO was approved by Judge Bob Wortham on the same day the suit was filed.

On the date of June 5, Watkins hit the tow truck driven byDarby head on while she was driving drunk.

Watkins’ parents claim that it was Darby who caused the crash by stopping his truck in the middle of the roadway, resulting in the head-on collision.

According to a spokesperson for the tow truck company, Darby was following the directions of law enforcement officers, stopping because a roadblock had been set up by officers in an attempt to save a life. She said that since the crash, Darby’s personal injuries have prevented him from being able to work.

Watkins’ parents have also filed suit against Dixie Dance Hall under the Dram Shop Act of Texas claiming that the establishment’s duty to Watkins was breached because it continued to provide her with alcoholic beverages even though she was “clearly intoxicated and presented a clear danger to herself and others.”

Watkins’ parents are also seeking damages for her conscious pain and physical suffering prior to death, her mental anguish, property damages, and medical and funeral expenses.​
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