At Brent Adams & Associates, we understand well that accidents can have serious, lasting consequences – and the injury victims you read about in the newspaper don’t stop existing in the weeks, months, and years after a pool accident. In fact, many of them fight long, hard roads to recovery. With that said, we’d like to share an update about Rachelle Friedman Chapman, a Raleigh woman who suffered a devastating spinal cord injury in the spring of 2010.

Raleigh Bride Accident

Rachelle was at her bachelorette party in May 2010 when one of her bridesmaids playfully pushed her into a pool. The woman landed awkwardly on the bottom of the pool and suffered a severe back injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down and with little feeling in her arms. Although the wedding was postponed, she married in July 2011 and has never revealed the name of the friend involved in her accident.

NC Pool Accident

Where is Rachelle today, 16 months after the pool accident? Recently, the brave bride spent three weeks at Project Walk, a program for those wishing to regain mobility in the wake of paralysis. She also does regular therapy on a special table built by her husband and father. Over time, her strength has grown and she has regained some feeling. She says that if her health improves further – enough to get off medications – she and her husband plan to start a family.

Spinal Injury NC Attorneys

Have you or a loved one suffered a spinal injury in North Carolina? Since you may face significant future medical costs, it is important that you understand who was at fault for your accident. To learn more about your case, call Brent Adams & Associates today.
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